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Last updated 29 Jun 2009
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rotating mein the groove podcastStuff I like is here

All Music Review - CD reveiws, Bios and more for any music lover.
All About Jazz & - pages devoted to my favorite tunes.
Internet Movie Database - Best movie source. Reviews by Ebert. Lotsa movie reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.
Slashdot - News for Nerds, Stuff that matters.
• Gotta have a Blog - If you don't have one, read someone elses. My Blog.
• Stuff for Cheap - The mother of all auctions, EBay
Google Docs - Dump your Micro$oft Office. Office suite of the future.
Baseball-I Love This Game! Complete Baseball stats. Nothing beats going to the Ballpark.
91.7FM WHUS - Radio for the People - Airs my Jazz show on Saturday 7-9 PM. new
• My Favorite Vacation Spot... Anguilla
• The Green Party - in North America and CT. Ralph Nader, thanks for the inspiration. Vote your conscience. Vote Nader.
The Nation - A political ezine- for the news you won't get on M$NBC.


I think, therefore iMac.


Apple Computer - Its not a computer, its a religion.
.Mac - Incredible Internet tool set from Apple.
Mac Central, MacNN, and Macintouch- Daily updated happenings in the Macintosh world.
Version Tracker - MacUpdate - Latest updates of Mac Software
Slashdot/Apple - Apple News for Nerds and Unix heads.
Mac OSX hints another great resource.
• Mac Rumors, Apple Insider - Find out what's happening... before it actually does.
best deals on Mac merchandise here!

iPod - All your music in your pocket new


iPod and iTunes - The Best way to manage and listen to all your digital music.
iPod Hacks and iPod Lounge - The latest iPod news and info.
eMusic - Get quality songs legal and cheap $.25, mp3s, no DRM. Great Jazz collection.
Daily Tunes - Daily song suggestions with links to the iTunes Music Store.
All Music Review - Source for info on musicians and albums. No liner notes?, Check here.


earth globeNews, Weather, Stocks, Info.

CNN is a great on-line news source
Htfd Courant for local news, movie's, etc.
Sportsline - Best baseball stats on the net!
• Check out the weather anywhere, or the local Vernon, CT forecast.
• Find someone at Switchboard. Better than the phone book!
• Investing? Stock Quotes or Fidelity Investments and On-line banking through my bank.
• TRAVEL.. by plane, make your flight plans here, or if you are going by auto, get maps and directions on the WWW.

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