Costa Rica Miracle

Laura Laster
March 16, 2000

A few weeks ago our family went to Costa Rica for a week. Altho I'd never thought of it before, i somehow became very fixated on the idea of going there. I told my family that my goal was to see a waterfall in the rain forest. so several days into the trip we chose the way we wanted to see a large waterfall near our resort. We drove to a mountaintopvillage and went w. a guide on horseback for a 45-minute ride, left the horses and hiked down to the bottom of the waterfall. Our guide was a handsome, warm, friendly young man that we all liked right away. The view from the bottom of the falls was awesome, white fumes of water against dark jagged rocks. When Victor finally made us leave, we began climbing the muddy trail towards the top. As we walked, he taught us about the rainforest ecosystem, teaching us abt plants and herbs as we walked. He pointed out plants that were now being rediscovered as medicinal that were commonly used by Costa Rican Indians centuries ago. I felt compelled to ask abt any medicinal treatments discovered for use w. cancer. Victor said no, not yet.At our next resting spot he turned to me to ask whether cancer was close to me in some way. Altho I'm usually very private about my shaved head, I for some reason stood up and took off my straw hat. He looked momentarily stunned, then stood, removed his cap and turned to show me a bare back of his head with an ugly scar across it. I sat, shocked and cried all the way thru his story. When he was 19 (7 yrs ago) his brain cancer was so bad that his drs. said there was nothing more they cd do for him. His mother had promised not to let him die in the hospital, so they removed him out to under some trees near the hospital. Lying under the sky and the trees, he "experienced" God and heaven and was told that he was not yet ready to die. He began to recover and is now, as we saw, running up and down his mountain several times a day. He's even had a precious daughter, an impossibility for a man who's undergone radiation as he has.

He gave me wonderful advice and hope and trust in whatever will happen. It was an amazing, religious experience; you'd be hard-pressed to consider this whole event as a coincidence,wouldn't you?

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